Friday, April 23, 2010

Who does he look like?

The answer to that question is he looks like Ant. He looks like the person he is suppose to look like. All that put aside I think he looks like DH and my FIL. When the IL's came to visit FIL brought pictures of everyone as babies. As of right now he looks most like my FIL's baby picture. When my parents were up visiting they also talked about how much he looked like FIL. I guess I am grateful for this because the family resemblance is so obvious.

Yesterday, I went to get my once a month waxing and my way over do hair cut. It felt great to have some me time. The lovely lady who has been waxing my bows for years knows alot of my conception story. my surprise she asked me, "who does he look like?"

In my head, "Duh DH!" I answered out loud, "DH."

She looks at him harder and says, "I think he has your nose."

Maybe Ant has my nose but I think it would be pure luck. One thing for sure he does have my pout. I have already told you how cute that is.
Why must everyone figure out who he looks like? Why can't we just leave as he looks like himself?

What I was surprised by was how it really didn't upset me. I have come to accept my IF is a sore spot, even now with the cutest son one could hope for. Even though my IF is a sore spot, how my son was conceived is not. DE was the way we had to go to create our family or at least start it. I am not ashamed of this fact nor do I hide it. I have come to terms with the fact Ant won't look like me but I am so very grateful that he looks like his dad. Especially since he has the cutest dad in the whole world.

I told you there were the cutest ever!!!


  1. i too was surprised by all the "who does she look like" comments (my daughter wasn't conceived via de, i just didn't expect to hear that question so much). she looks nothing at all like me...she looks like hubby and my mom.

  2. then again, I have a nephew who isn't blood related to Walt or I at all, and we get told all the time he looks like either or both of us. It ends up being more about mannerisms, really. The way he raises his eyebrows when he isn't sure about something, that kind of thing. So, Ant will look lots like you after he lives with you for a while.

  3. Hey! I recognize that loveseat!

  4. ...and it took me about 5 minutes to figure out FIL. >:P