Sunday, May 9, 2010

A New Mother's Day

During my years of IF I would dread Mother's Day. Instead of a day of celebration it was a reminder of our failure to conceive. So, today I get to look through my rose color glasses and actually enjoy today.

I was a little nervous about today because I had hyped it up for so many years but it was perfect...minus DH having to work most of the day. This morning DH woke up before me and got Ant's bottle ready before either of us were awake. He also prepared all my pumping gear and brought it up to the bedroom. To top it off he made me breakfast in bed. Also he bought me the perfect gift. A necklace of a monkey with Ant's birthstone in it.

Actually I have been sending him emails for weeks to give him ideas of what I would like. I didn't want him to go shopping and not have an idea of what I wanted.

Ant gave me a Mother's Day present too! He was 10lbs this morning!!! Baby Boy you have come so far in the last couple week. We are going to impress your pediatrician.

Before I sign off today I just wanted to send some love to my sisters who are still TTC. I am sending you lots of prayers, that someday soon your prayers of being a mother will be answered. Luv ya!!

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  1. Sounds like you had a great day. Glad you finally got to enjoy it!!