Saturday, April 17, 2010


My parents are up visiting from AZ and when we originally talked on the phone my dad told me they wanted to go into DC for the day. I was originally sadden by this because I didn't think I could go with with them between trying to BF and pumping all the time. As I thought about it and talked with DH about his work day I made a plan. I had previously gone into DC for a afternoon and pumped at his work. So, we made a plan to meet DH at his work in the early afternoon. Skipping one pumping session wasn't going to hurt me. As for BFing, I had bottles all ready to go.
As we walked around the museums I had my eyes open for places where I could possibly BF/pump. I originally thought there wasn't going to be anywhere but on a trip to the bathroom I discovered a bench just outside of the bathroom but behind a wall so I wasn't out in the open. This was perfect. Unfortunately we left that museum before it was time for Ant to eat. But when we go the the next museum I quickly found a bench. I BF Ant and then I pumped. VICTORY!!!

While we were on our way home I knew I needed to pump one last time so I wouldn't lose my milk supply for the next day. I turned to DH, "Do I have 15mins?"

"Yes but you better start now."

So right there on the back of the metro I pumped. No, I just didn't whip out my breast but I used my hooter hider to cover myself. It was perfect, by the time we got to our stop I was finished and had everything put away.

I had such a great time in DC that day because no matter where I am realized I can pump or BF. I am enjoying my new found confidence. Today we were in Starbucks and Ant wanted some nursing time so I just got out my cover and nursed him.
It is amazing how far we have come in the 7 weeks he has been here with us. He has truly changed our lives.

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