Friday, June 24, 2011

Bonding with a Child via Egg Donation -- Blogger --

One of my biggest fears was that my family would treat Ant differently since he wasn't genetically related to them. After a trip with my family I learn how my mom really feels.
Bonding with a Child via Egg Donation -- Blogger --

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  1. Everyone will react a little bit differently, but a family with unconditional love will always embrace your child, egg donation, or otherwise. I think having a DE baby is probably easier for extended family to accept than adoption; which of course is a shame for all of the beautiful children left stranded in our country's broken system.
    Anyway, you know the family you have, and you can probably expect who will react positively, who will respond negatively, and who will be a little confused on how to act. The most important thing is that you embrace your child with as much as love you can possible, you can never love them too much:)
    Thanks for the wonderful blog, I appreciate it.