Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Starting the Story

Even before Ant was conceived, I knew I wanted to tell him his conception story. Ever day I am just so grateful to the women who donated her eggs to us so we could finally start our family.

Now that Ant is here I feel awkward talking to him about his story. It makes sense why DE parents talk about starting young. I am hoping by the time he starts to understand I have found the best way to tell him how he joined our family.

When I talk to him about his beginnings what is the best way? Should he be awake? The beginning of this conversation is hard. I guess I just need to start practicing.

Ant, here is the first picture we have of you...

Let the story telling begin!


  1. i have been wondering something similar, how to tell my daughter the story of her older sister and brother who aren't with us. i want her to know about them and grow up having their memory as part of her life. but it's so hard because they were never alive outside my body. and i know there are things that will be easy to explain (we visit the cemetery every day, which is where they "live" at their grave) but some will be harder. i like the idea of just talking to ant about it now as practice.

  2. I think it doesn't matter if you say it while he's awake or asleep...or both! It will help you to keep telling the story until he can understand. I have been thinking about this very topic more and more, now that I am pregnant with twins (!) via donor egg. Now I have 2 to tell! Sometimes I think it would be easier not to talk about it with them, but I know I cannot do that. With time it will get easier! Just keep practicing! You're gonna do great!

  3. I agree...start early, as a bed-time story even...and I think that you just change the words you use as they get older to accomodate their level of understanding. This way it is just weaved into their life story and doesn't come as a shock to them. It just IS.