Monday, July 26, 2010

5 Month Update

Age: 5 months
Weight: 13lbs 10oz
Sleep: Great! Sleeps from about 10pm-6am, 1- 2hr nap, and 2 shorter naps
Eating: Currently still nursing and pumping milk for supplements but now we have one feeding that is exclusively nursing. No solids yet but we will be starting sometime in the next month.
New Trick: Ant was holding his own bottle for feedings but that was only for about a week.
Favorite Toy: It would have to be a toss up between his peacock and his excersaucer.

Where has the last five months gone? At times it feels like I just had him and at others he has always been in my life. Now I can't imagine life without him. As you remember our early weeks were not easy weeks. From the unexpected c-section, PPD, breastfeeding, and weight gain issues. It seems they have all resolved themselves. The c-section has been healed for a long time now and my PPD was short lived. As for breastfeeding and weight gain those are our on going works in progress but they are both getting better. As far as I can tell his weight gain is better because we have no more weight checks at the ped's office. We also do weekly checks at our Breastfeeding Support Group. These are more for my peace of mind. I guess I have just come to terms with pumping, nursing, and bottle feeding.

When you are pregnant you have grand ideas of what motherhood will be like. You will fall in love with your child instantly (didn't happen), breastfeeding is easy (NOT), you will never sleep (I actually get lots of sleep), and many more. After watch many people parent there were a few things I didn't want to do such as nursing Ant to sleep. I resisted this up until a week or two ago. It started with me nursing him for naps. I figured a little extra food wouldn't hurt and I wanted more bonding time with him. I am still trying to avoid nursing him to bed at night. It is my last resort but that rarely happens. Only when we try to make his bed time earlier.

Daycare is still a work in progress. DH and I are exploring the military option a little more because it is soooo affordable. Now the only problem is finding someone who I click with. I was discussing this with my neighbor the other day and she was telling me that they knew instantly that they had found the right place. Now to find the right place for Ant.

I have officially 3 more weeks before I go back to work. I have 2 goals CLEAN and enjoy every minute with Ant.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Daycare Dilemma

I know it has been awhile since I have written but I have been in limbo. DH and I were hoping that a possible work from home job would be finalized before Decision Day. Unfortunately the job didn't get finalized in time and now I have to go back to work on Aug 16th :(

Since we were hoping this job would work out we never secured childcare for Ant. We figured this job would work out and I would be home with him as planned. At this moment we have 2 choice.

Choice number one is a Nanny share with my friend. The problems with the nanny share is cost and my friend wasn't planning on starting till Novemeber. I think she can start in October for me but that still leaves August and September.

Choice number two is a in home daycare but the big problem is it is to far from my work. Normally it wouldn't be a big deal but DH is going on tour in October, which makes me a single parent for a month. Also I didn't like that she wanted to give Ant formula and rice ceral. I work hard to make breastmilk and if I make it he will drink it.

My choice is the obvious one of doing a nanny share with my friend. The reasons for this is because Ant is on a great schedule and I would like it to continue, he will be close to work, he could use his cloth diapers, and not be forced to eat solids before we are ready. So if money was no object we would be set. Finished...but that isn't the case.

As for Ant he is doing great. He has gained another pound so he is about 13 1/2lbs. He is nursing more but we are still supplmenting with the bottle. I was hoping I would be able to enjoy a few weeks without bottles but I am starting to think that might never happen but the most important thing is he is growing.