Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Birth Control Conversation

I have been telling DH that I have been looking forward to the conversation with my OB about birth control (BC). I would often tell him that I would laugh the OB when they asked me this question. This week I had my 6 week check up and yes, it did come up. It went something like this.

OB "What form of BC are you going to be using?"

Me "None." (smirk)

OB "You know you can get pregnant while BFing."

Me "Yes" and I look at Ant, "He is a DE baby and it took us 3 years to get him."

OB (DING) "So it would be a blessing if you got pregnant again."

He continued to talk about what I would need to do if I became pregnant again. It was really sweet and he also told me about how having a baby resets your body and make you more fertile. I smiled because I hear this often but the realist inside reminds myself not very likely but I will take it if it happens.

BFing update: My LC came over again yesterday to weigh him. He did gain an ounce a day since we last met but after watching him BF she became concerned with how hard he was working to eat. I will tell you more about this after later because she is doing some research before we decide on a solution. For now we are BFing no more then 20mins a feeding and supplementing the rest.

Before signing off I uploaded a few pics. Enjoy :)


  1. DS (Dear Susan), the abbreviations are OOC (out of control). DM (dear me) can't handle it anymore!

  2. AWW He is so precious! I love it!