Thursday, April 8, 2010

Update (Breastfeeding)

I have been trying to find time to blog for a few days now but Ant has been taking up most of my time. Since I made the decision to go back nursing full-time it has been a roller coaster. We have good feedings and we have TERRIBLE feedings. For the most part the terrible feedings are happening less often now but when they happen they test my determination to succeed.

On Monday the LC (lactation consultant) came to our house to have a one on one consult. It was great and she gave me some great pointers. She also answered my biggest question. How much should I pump? To my surprise I should still be pumping after every feeding until I am not supplementing anymore. I wish I didn't have to supplement but Ant is just a slow feeder that he would be on the breast all day long and probably still not get enough to eat.Along with the struggles there are been highlights. When we have a great feeding I get soo excited and shout it to the roof tops.

Currently, Ant is asleep in the sling I am wearing. We had one of those nights. It started at about 11pm yesterday. The nice thing about our situation is DH can feed Ant. So DH fed at and I was getting ready for bed and pumping so I could sneak an extra 30mins of sleep. Ant had different plans. He has developed this new habit of wanting to use me as his pacifier. Which meant after he was done eating all he wanted to do was suckle on my breast. This got very frustrating cause all I wanted to do was sleep. I eventually about midnight put him in the sling and walked around the house. He was asleep in minutes and I was able to put him in his crib by 12:20. Now I can't remember if I woke him up or if he woke me up around 1:10am for his next feeding. I am completely exhausted and both of us end up falling asleep mid feeding. I eventually wake up and put him in his crib.

At about 3:30am he wakes me up again to eat and we try again. Same results as last time we both fall asleep. I put him in his crib again and I go back to bed AGAIN. Next thing I know he is waking me up at 5am because he is hungry. Of course he is because we haven't gotten a full feeding in since 11pm. I was determined to complete his feeding this time so I could get some more sleep. We succeeded FINALLY and I even pumped afterward. Well my little Ant wasn't ready to go back to sleep or he was just having a hard time going back to sleep. I finally just gave up and put him in his sling.

Ant is making weight gaining progress, as of yesterday he was 8lb 1oz. My LC lent us he extra scale and it has really taken away the worry. If I didn't have the scale I would be wondering if I was feeding him enough, was he gaining weight.

There is much more to talk about but I am exhausted and I think Ant is FINALLY asleep enough to go back into his crib. I am hoping for another hour or two of sleep before our day starts.


  1. Yes, there will be good and bad feedings for a while still. What you are doing is hard work!

    It sure is a great, great feeling when you finish a feeding and go to pump "just in case" but can't get 1/4 oz because the baby actually did drain it all. Soon, my friend!

    Remember, if you get frustrated during one particular feeding, it's ok to pump and bottle this one and try again next time. If you're angry or upset, Ant will be able to tell, and he might get frustrated, too. You want to keep it a positive experience for both of you.

    His nursing for comfort is a very good sign! It means he likes to nurse!

    With the weird night feedings - he might possibly be trying to drop a nighttime feeding and sleep a little longer. I remember Dan doing something similar, adding an extra meal at a weird, annoying time of night, right before he dropped an earlier meal. Maybe he's testing to see which one he likes better, and maybe he'll soon skip the 1:00 and just keep the 3:30 for a while. If he's 8 pounds, he's big enough now to go a little longer between meals at night (4-5 hours), so let's hope that's what he's trying to figure out how to do. That would be glorious. :)

  2. Great advice above :) I don't know anything about it but just wanted to say that you sound like a true trooper and wonderful mom. Keep up the hard work and hopefully you will be rewarded with sleep soon :)

  3. I'm glad things are starting to get better =) Ant just loves snuggling with his mama!