Monday, April 18, 2011

Stupid Genetics

Why does everything come back to genetics?  Why as parents are we so stuck on them?

I know why I am, if you saw my sister and I standing next to each other there would be no doubt in your mind that we were related to each other.  The funnest thing to me is were asked several times if we were TWINS (LOL).  Not so funny to my sister since she if 5 years younger then me.

It is interesting how not a single person commented on how Ant looked.  Not a mention of how he looked like me or my sister.  I know he doesn't but usually people try to find something.  They were just so overwhelmed by my likeness to my sister.

Moments like these with my sister thing about the genetics that Ant and I don't share.  When we are around my family they comment on how much he looks like DH (I LOVE THIS!) but I feel left out of the genetic equation.  The funniest thing to me is that I long for people to find likeness between Ant and I.  As funny as I think it is I want them to tell me Ant looks like me.  It reassures me that we picked the right donor.

Stupid Genetics why do you taunt me!  I want to push you to the back of my mind and never think of you again but you are just to strong.  I see why some people can never move past it.  At times I don't know how I did.  I just wanted out of that deep dark infertile hole that I used to live in.

Ant I am so glad you are in my life.  You make me forget about the part of me that I lost to POF.  You have filled that loss but when I am around my family that loss if thrown in my face again and again.  It isn't their fault we look so much a like, it is all the fault of genetics.  The same genetics that gave me POF. 


  1. oh DD, I'm so sorry the likeness talk never stops... I keep telling myself that I don't look like my mother at all, and even less like my brother (most people don't believe we are related: me tall dark, him smaller blond blue eyes) For me this was never an issue, but I know there is no easier way to please my mom than to tell her you can see a likeness. So for Ant, it shouldn´t stop him from being the happiest boy on earth. And I hope it helps a little. (And, yes I'm sorry to hear that the pain from IF and POF isn't magically erased by DE. I love you for sharing and thus preparing me to follow in your steps. Keep going!)

  2. Diva...great post as I anticipate such experiences when my little one is born (13 more weeks). Reading such posts will make me feel less isolated when it happens to me. Sorry IF bites you in the arse from time to time by pushing your "genetics" buttons. But I know that you love Ant as much as I love my unborn DE baby and nothing else matters.