Sunday, June 5, 2011

How Life Has Changed

I meet my friend Lucy several years ago at a IF support group.  After several weeks of going to group Lucy, Wendy and I really hit it off.  One week group was canceled, so the 3 of us got together and had our own little group.  Just over 2 years go Wendy and I found out we were pregnant with our DE babies but Lucy's IUI ended up getting canceled :(  Wendy and I were bummed out that Lucy's cycle didn't work but we had hope she would join the preggo club soon.  Lucy did join us just a few months later.  The 3 of us enjoyed our 3 very different pregnancies.

I was thinking about this because yesterday we attended C's (Lucy's son) 1st birthday party.  To see the 4 boys playing together was surreal.  To think they didn't even exist 2 years ago.  Our lives are so blessed. It is fun to think, iff the 3 of us weren't infertile we would have NEVER met.  Infertility is hard but it can also create the best friendships.

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  1. Obviously I agree with you. We met through an IF group too. My IF friends are the best friends I've made in a really long time.