Saturday, June 11, 2011

15 Months

Weight: 23lbs (with clothes and cloth diaper on) For some reason after they are a year they don't need to be naked anymore for weigh-ins.
Height: 30 1/2in
Breastfeeding: Great!!! Yes, we are still nursing and loving it.  On a work day he is nursing about 4 times a day.  On the he nurses more because I am around.  It is hard to count because many of those are snacks.  As for pumping I went through about 2 weeks where I pumped at work again.  I just stopped again and feeling very comfortable with that decision.
New Tricks: Well Ant has been walking for about 2 months now.  Right around 13months he started walking and hasn't slowed down.  He is also has started to walk backwards sometimes.  There is so much he is doing right now it is hard to keep track of everything.
Signing: New signs are bird, grandpa, and cracker, Aunt.
Words: Currently Ant has a vocabulary of about 30+ words.  It seems like he is learning new words all the time. Mama, Dada, Mimi (grandma), Papa (grandpa), Grandpa, tree, star, car, ball, door, cat, dog, sky, Elmo, plane, cracker, eat, food, milk, night night, bath, shoes, socks, balloon, bear, golf club, golf ball, book, duck, uncle, hi, bye bye.  He is also making animal sounds such as meow (cat), eee-eee (monkey), whoo whoo (owl), quack (duck). I am sure I forgot at least a few words he is saying.
Sleep: Night time sleep is great.  He sometimes gets up once to nurse but he sleep from about 7 to 7.  Nap-time we just switched to 1 nap because the 2 naps became unreliable.  
Favorite Toy: His golf clubs and golf balls.  He second favorite is Elmo.


  1. So cute DD! I can't wait to do such blog posts!

  2. @LisainSK soon enough it will be your turn. Just few more weeks to go.