Thursday, August 12, 2010

DH Connection

The summer of 2001 I decided to go to to the "International Horn Convention" which was held in Kalamazoo, MI. I was going with two other horn players in my studio. At that point I didn't knew either one very well. One was DH and the other was his friend. I was a little nervous about going since I didn't know either one of them really well but that didn't stop me.

Both DH and I were in a transitional time in our relationships. I been broken up with my high school sweet heart for just under a year and was dating. DH also just gotten out of a long term relationship. Neither of us expected anything to happen on this trip except for hearing lots of Horn music.

One day during a break DH and I went on a search for a Drug Store. Of course AF comes while you are on a trip and not prepared. To my surprise DH was willing to go with me looking for a Drug Store. Several hours later and us doing a huge loop we found a Drug Store and returned to campus. We had spent most of the day talking and really hit it off.

That night several of the horn players went to the bar to have a beer. Me being 20 and 11months was nervous about going but I went. After drinking a beer and DH have a few we both got a little touchy. Our hands ended up on each others legs. Our horn professor at the time was probably confused because she didn't know DH and his EX were broken up. I think our other horn player friend filled her in after we left the bar.

On the shuttle ride back from the bar DH and I sat really close, maybe even held hands. I knew DH was hooked when we went for a midnight snack at subway. I caught him staring at me. Whenever he does it now I call it the "Subway Stare."

For the remainder of the trip DH and I did ALOT of flirting but that was as far as it went. On the flight home we also held hands :)

Once we returned home I had some stuff to iron out but after DH asking me out 3 times. We finally made a date and have been together ever since.

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