Tuesday, August 10, 2010

December 17,1997

I was in a terrible car accident that day with my two sisters. We had gone to see Titanic with a few friends and on the way home a car hit us head-on. My sister K and I both broke our femurs. While my sister A just got really bad whip lash. On top of the broken femur I broke my tibia and fibula. I will admit my right leg was real messed up. Luckily for us we were all wearing our seat belts.

This day changed my life in many ways. It was pretty much the end of my swimming career. Also, it created some new relationships in my life. Sadly I don't talk with these people anymore but they really help my family out in our time of need. The one good thing that came out of this event was I had the financial freedom to go to college and not take out any loans. Even though I did end up getting a job but it was nice to have a cushion. Also if I didn't have these funds I wouldn't have had the funds to go to the college I went to. And then later meet my DH.

Still to this day I get freaked out in the car if a semi is driving to close or if someone changes lanes unexpectedly. But as we all know it is these events that shape who we are today. Yes it would be nice to not have a limp. Yes, it would be nice to not have the scares from the surgeries but that is what makes me, ME!

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  1. Genesis 50:19-20: Joseph said to his brothers, "Don't be afraid...You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done."

    Like you said, events that shape us aren't always fun times, but they make us who we are, and often end up contributing more good things to our lives than we know at the time.