Friday, March 4, 2011


Happy Birthday my little Ant! Weight: 20lbs 4oz
Height: 30inches
Breastfeeding: GREAT!! We have had some ups and downs over the last year but we did it and we are still going. At this point our new next breastfeeding goal is 18months.
Eating: Ant eats solids and Ant likes baby food. Some days he wants baby food and some days he wants adult food. His favorite foods are cake and spaghetti.
New Ticks: Ant is still just cruising and crawling but he is getting VERY close to walking. It is funny because I used to say I wouldn't encourage Ant to walk but I am getting impatient. I think I am finally ready for him to start walking.
Signing: Ant is signing "more", "milk", "all done", and "eat."
Words: Ant's first real word was dog. He has actually been saying mama and dada for awhile but dog is his first word other then those. We noticed he was saying it a few days before his birthday at our friends house. We don't have a dog, so it is surprising that it is his first word. He is also saying kitty, milk, and duck. Most of his words are missing the last consonant. When he says dog it sounds like "daw."

Sleep: Sleep is GREAT!!! He is regularly sleeping 8-11hrs a night. It usually depends on when he goes down but he usually sleeps from 8pm-6am. Naps are the same as last month.
Favorite Toy: Books! Ant loves books. He will pull them off the shelf and pretend to read them. It is just sooo cute.

We survived our first year!


  1. Sounds like the last year has been an amazing adventure! Congrats on Ant's first year!

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