Thursday, March 24, 2011

Don't Doubt My Love

I LOVE ANT!!!! He our child!

I don't want anyone to misunderstand my previous post.  Yes, I long dream about the child I thought we were suppose to have but I would NEVER trade Ant.  He is an amazing little boy and I look forward to watching him grow up.  Ant no matter what I say or what anyone else says you are my sweet angel boy and I wouldn't trade you for 100 "genetic children."

It is frustrating because the last thing I want is for my words to be misunderstood.  My goal through this blog is to share some of my inner most thoughts, fears, dreams, etc.  Third party reproduction is still new and there is still so much people don't understand. 

Donor Diva


  1. No need to 'splain for me...totally know where you are coming from.

  2. Even though I am not in your shoes, I completely understand. Keep sharing - we enjoy your process and Ant is adorable.

  3. Ditto everything Motley Mommy said.

    I am positive that every mommy whose children don't share her genes has felt that same internal conflict of loving her children with all her heart, but also longing for a biological child at the same time.

  4. Of course you do! A friendly note of advice: watch your spelling a bit more and try to spellcheck - "he our child", too/to - it takes away from some of your posts and can be distracting.