Monday, February 28, 2011

365 Day Project

I have challenged myself to take a picture of Ant every day for a year. The reason I want to do this is because I feel like I didn't take enough picture of him last year. Yes, we have tons but there are months here and there where I took very few. So, let me share the first 4 pictures2/25: This is a picture of Ant on his birthday. He is opening presents with his uncle and grandparents. He has just pulled out a book and he LOVES books.2/26: I just love this picture. I think I put this in his birthday post but I couldn't resist posting it again. It is just a classic Ant face. I am soo impressed on how well he did at his party. He was such a good boy.2/27: DH and I were about ready to go for a walk. Ant was all strapped in and we were playing one of our new favorite games. "How big are you Ant?" "SOOOO BIG"2/28: Today I almost forgot to take a picture but I remember just before bed time. Our little boy just loves to clap.


  1. Every mother excited and happy to watch him go through each and every stage.It is probably our first and last time with each of those moments. Your picture is really beautiful.

  2. 1. This was a great idea. It'll be a fun way to document all the joys and trials of toddlerhood.

    2. If you ever forget during the day, it's ok by me if you post pictures of a sleeping boy. I still love watching our guy sleep. I think I'll probably still sneak into his room to watch him sleeping when he's a teenager.

  3. Ant is looking very cute. Every photos of Ant is very nice and different which is increase his beauty.

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