Saturday, February 5, 2011

Birthday Count Down

So, it is just under 3 weeks till Ant's first birthday. My goal is to remember the first year of Ant's life. Starting now and going back to his birthday a year ago(almost). This picture is one of the most recent ones of us together. He is wearing a special "Star Wars" shirt that I bought for him.

He is turning into such a little man! As you know I am having mixed feelings about Ant turning 1. I truely think this is linked to my desire to have more children and knowing that it might not be possible for us. For now I am going to enjoy every moment with him.


  1. i am having the same feelings recently about my little girl "growing up" and turning 2 this spring. as she starts to seem less like a baby and new milestones loom on the horizon (weaning from her last bottle, potty training, etc.) i find myself holding onto them for as long as i can because i don't think we'll be able to have more children. i'm excited and happy to watch her go through each and every stage, but i'm sad that it's probably our first and last time with each of those moments.

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