Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Not Ready

As Ant's first birthday quickly approaches I find myself sad and excited at the same time. Has it really been almost a year since he has made his entrance into the world. I am just not ready. Why must time move so quickly once you have children?


  1. So awesome! I can't wait until birthdays...

  2. It DOES fly! It seems to me that it was just recently that you were pregnant with Ant! It's fun that he's growing into a sweet little boy too.

  3. I find it doesn't feel too fast when I remember that the whole point of having a child is to raise a healthy, balanced adult. You made a new person, and you're now doing exactly the right things in giving him all he needs to grow into a little boy. Each phase has its own joys and trials. The end goal is for him to be a good man, right? You have a long, long time to keep enjoying the parenting process.