Friday, May 28, 2010

Time Flies-3 months

On Tuesday we went to the Ped for Ant's 3 month weight check. I knew for the first time in a long time she would be pleased with his weight gain. We weigh him once a day so I already knew he gained 2lbs in the last month. His official weight was 10lbs 12oz. His Ped was very please, so much so that she didn't insist we see the Ped ENT sooner. His appointment isn't until June 8th. She also decided to put him on reflux medicine after talking with us about his feedings and I am happy to say he is spitting up less and eating more.
While we were at the Ped's office one of the RNs freaked out about Ant's breathing. She said, "You better get the Dr now because of his breathing." DH and I just chuckled to ourselves and told her it was normal. It has become a story we tell often to people. Many people think he is hiccuping but it is really just him breathing.
As for nursing, it is getting better but we are still supplementing every feeding. I have increased his nursing time but he still takes the same amount of supplement afterwards. At this point I don't want to mess with his feedings because of work. As soon as the summer is here I am going to focus on nursing more and bottle feeding less.
Life for the most part is good. I miss being home with Ant all day. DH has been with him the last two weeks and will send me pics via cell phone. It has been a great bonding experience for the two of them but I know no one can replace me. When I get home he is happy to see me and excited to nurse.
Time to get back to my little man!

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