Thursday, May 13, 2010

"He has your nose"

I thought for sure it would bother me if people told me Ant doesn't look like me. Or when they stare at him and say, "I think he has your nose." Maybe he does but it is pure dumb luck.

Yesterday our family of 3 took a trip to my work, it was the band and string concert. This was also the first time many of the parents would meet my son. Ant and I have taken a few trips to school but all during the day. After the concert we were flocked with parents and students. Since I have been teaching at my school for 6 years now I know many of the parents.

The families that I knew would come up and ogle at Ant. They would look at him and then at me. Then tell me how beautiful he is. My favorite comment was, "Girl, you might have carried him but he is all daddy."

In all honesty I wasn't sure how I would handle comments about who he looked like or people telling me he looked like me or he didn't. It turns out it is more of a joke to me. I have to hold back a smirk when they tell me he looks like me.

As for people at work most of them know he is a DE baby. I have made no secret about my struggles to become a mother. The reason I am so open is because if one of them is having issues I would hope they would feel comfortable enough to come and talk to me. As for the parents of my students very few of them know. It just hasn't ever come up in conversation. Will I ever tell them? Maybe. But till they ask or we talk about it I am just going to have to laugh on the inside as they struggle to find something of his that looks like me.


  1. Thanks again for coming to the concert. :)

  2. It's funny- I have been getting in on the discussion of who my baby looks like- sometimes I even forget for a moment that she couldn't possibly have my nose. Ah well- I know many children who look nothing like their moms so it probably doesn't really matter. I haven't told many people at all yet- not even my family. I am waiting until we tell our sweet pea. I hope that's the right decision, but won't know until later.

    I can't stand the idea of going back to work. I go back in august...good luck on your journey. It's nice to read about someone just ahead of me...