Friday, November 26, 2010

Thankful for 9 Months

Ant at 9 months

Weight: 18lbs 1oz
Height: 28 1/4 in
Eating: Nursing when I am home and I am pumping at work for him still. Currently he is eating many different solids. He also had his first Thanksgiving dinner yesterday.
New Tricks: Pulling up is his newest trick.
Favorite Toy: Still his piano
Sleep: Great! Naps GREAT! No he doesn't always sleep through the night but he is breastfed and isn't suppose to.

Our first Thanksgiving with Ant was AWESOME! My family just fell in love with him. As my mother said he doesn't look like any of my side of the family but his cuteness and the fact he is so easy going makes up for it. Now some might take what she said the wrong way but this was a complement on how wonderful Ant is.
I probably say this every month but I don't know where the time goes before I know it he is a month older. Ant has turned into such a little man. He is starting to notice when DH or I leave the house. The last couple days when DH left the house he fussed a little bit and was looking for him.
Stay tune lots of stuff coming...even a DE parent blog!

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  1. Ant is such a sweetie! So glad you are soo happy!