Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Little Jealous

Recently, I have been experiencing a little bit of jealousy. I have a several friends who were considering DE as their next step and on their last shot with their own eggs it worked! I am truly happy for them but there is a part of me that wonders if I had done one more cycle with my eggs if it had worked. This is silly for me to think of because now that Ant is here I wouldn't ever trade him for a genetic child. As, I have said before he is the child I was meant to have.

I must remember for as many friends who have succeed I know many more who haven't. Instead of wishing for something that for something that didn't happen I need to stay focused on our amazing blessing.

Also, I just wanted to send out a warning for my blog readers. I am going to be focusing on motherhood blogs for awhile. As much as I identify and understand IF I want to talk about motherhood more at this moment. For up coming blogs I am going to talk about babywearing, breastfeeding(of course), and just general life as a mother.


  1. Looking forward to the new blog posts about motherhood. I have those jealousies too but I know they are normal and where they come from. But thanks for expressing that you still have them even after the birth of Ant. I also hope that you keep blogging about any challenges that raising a DE child brings because there is VERY little about such experiences (ie like how you handle stranger's comments about Ant's physical features looking like you or not like you, etc.) Thanks Donor Diva!

  2. Love mommy posts, especially about baby wearing and bfing--two of my favorite things!;)