Monday, November 22, 2010

The Moby

As I said in my previous post, I LOVE TO BABYWEAR!!! Before Ant was here I was more concerned about having the perfect stroller. Well I have that but I find I prefer to wear Ant then push him in a stroller. One of my favorites was my Moby Wrap. We actually had to buy 2 because DH refused to wear the sage one I originally bought. As you can see we have a camo one also.

  • Many different carrying positions

  • Great for little ones who don't have head control yet

  • Very supportive (I don't feel like I am carrying a baby)

  • Baby is secure


  • Difficult to figure out (but once you know how it is easy)

  • Lots of fabric (the only negative in my opinion)

This was the carrier I used the most when Ant was 0-7months. I loved how was close to me and secure. You are suppose to be able to breastfeed using this carrier but I never mastered that skill. I think the only reason I don't use my Moby now is for that very reason. I love to be able to nurse on the go. I will tell you soon about that carrier. But I wouldn't have survived those first 3+ months without the Moby. It kept Ant secure and his head secure while I would get stuff done around the house.

I find myself giving demos on the Moby ever week at breastfeeding support group. This should be one of my many jobs...Demoing baby carriers.

Even Daddy loves the Moby!!


  1. i love the moby too! we also had 2 of them (black and lilac) :) i miss the days of wearing my little gal!

  2. Cool! Thanks for sharing this. I was wondering if those wraps were safe and useful, and it sounds like they are both. I'm going to order one for my twins! Looking forward to wearing these bambinos!

  3. Perfect! I've been looking at tons of different slings and carriers...a bit overwhelming. Good to have a mother's tried and true opinion :)