Wednesday, March 3, 2010

10 days Just Mom and Ant

For those of you who haven't heard the good news, Ant came home yesterday. DH and I were soo excited. The first couple hours went great but when bed time came Ant wasn't up for it. He pretty much cried most of the night. We tired EVERYTHING!!! Luckily this morning we had our first appointment with Ant's Dr.

Ant's Dr was awesome. She told us that she wasn't going to test his biliruben because she thought his color looked great. Who am I to argue with a Dr, I am would prefer not to have to stick his poor little foot again. After the appointment she had us meet with their lactation consultant. She was amazing and gave us several great tips on breastfeeding and sleep. The one that was most important was that I was not to go out for 10days or have visitors. It is suppose to be strictly Ant, sleep, breastfeeding, and eating. After I thought about this for a minute it made complete sense. We haven't had a chance to bond yet and this way we could develop what we have missed out on. Lastly, when people do come and visit we have our routine down.

Soo, this means you won't be hearing from me for awhile. It makes me sad because I want to share with you how motherhood is going. But I want to do what is best for Ant and my family. I will write soon and talk to you in about 10days.


  1. I think it's wonderful you are bonding with your son! See you in 10 days. FYI - today I found out that we have 16 fertilized eggs (using donor eggs) and now waiting to see how they grow - will be doing the transfer on Monday. I'm so excited and so encouraged by your story. Thank you so much for sharing with us! -L

  2. what a great idea! i don't know if i would have lasted 10 days (the grandparents would have beat down the door, i think) but i sooo agree that a special bonding time with you and no visitors is key if you really want nursing to work. a small part at least of why i gave up bfing so quickly was that it was difficult to whip out my boobs in front of my father-in-law, especially since the nursing was not going well felt so futile and silly to try in front of people like that. anyway i hope it works out for you guys, and regardless, ENJOY your time together!!

  3. :) That's fantastic. If you need any groceries or cooked meals or anything, call us and we'll drop it off out front so we don't have to come in and disturb. (Besides, Daniel is sneezy today and I wouldn't want to take the risk anyway).

    If you want to vent about BFing at all, feel free to call me - I definitely get that it's not always easy.

  4. CONGRATULATIONS!! Enjoy this precious and special time with your new son.

  5. Hope you are enjoying your special time with your little boy!