Thursday, January 28, 2010

Eventful Week

Monday was my 34 week appointment at the OB. It was a very exciting appointment because my MIL is now in town with us and it was the first time she would hear Ant's heartbeat. Every appointment I have had so far have been uneventful and I assumed this one would be the same.

It started off normal till we got to my blood pressure. The RN took my BP and she told me the #'s 148 over 78 (I think). I asked how that was and she told me it was a little high and to lay down on my left side. When my OB came in she asked me several questions.

"Are you seeing black spots?"
"Are you having sharp pains on your sides?"
"Are you having headaches?"
"How is the baby moving?"

This was all very overwhelming but that was just the beginning. She also told me that there was sugar in my urine and that she wanted me to redo my 3hr glucose test. She then told me if I passed she would leave me alone about it. The RN did retake my BP and it was 134 over 74, better but not great. Before I left we decided that I would redo my glucose test on Tuesday and come back in on Friday to check my BP.

Tuesday was mostly uneventful other then redoing my 3hr glucose test. I have to say I think DH's should have to take these test just so they know what their partners are going through. Not that I am complaining but when it comes to IF and pregnancy women have to do sooo much more then men. (PS. DH I love you)

Wednesday I missed a call from my OB. I knew it was bad because in the OB world they only call you back quickly if it is something bad. If everything is ok they never call. It feels so backwards from the IF world. Well, not completely backwards but they call with good and bad news. Also, they call you the same day.

Now we are to today, I called my OB back. I have to say I was surprised when she told me that I have gestational diabetes. She gave me a list of things I can start doing now such as avoiding sugar, carbs, only 2 servings of fruit, and walking 30-45mins 4-5 days a week. Also she wanted me to call diabetes center and make an appointment. I was very lucky because they have a class tomorrow from 9am-12pm but I also found out when I dropped my work insurance that they didn't authorize my other insurance for my pregnancy. So, lots of phone calls later it seems like everything went through but I will have to wait and see.

When I finally got home today MIL and I went for a nice walk. The only problem with with walking is that it is the middle of winter. You never know what you are going to get 50's or 20's.

I am sure I will be back blogging soon about my diabetes class tomorrow and my OB check up tomorrow. Fingers cross that my BP is down and that I get lots of good info about diabetes and controlling it with my diet.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about the GD, Susan. That really sucks. But your pregnancy is almost over, so you won't need to deal with this for much longer!

    About the BP - the past two visits mine has been high. It's normally quite low (like 110/70) Yesterday it was 144/82. My OB wasn't concerned about it at this point.

    Funny how different OBs can be. Mine also has no concern over my 50 BH contractions a day, even though I've been at least 1 cm dilated for several weeks. But I know someone else whose OB gave her meds to stop the harmless contractions, even though she's not dilated at all.

    Life is strange.

  2. Oh, by the way, very cute belly pic!

  3. I had gestational diabetes with both my girls and it went away right after delivery, so although it is a pain to check your sugar and eat such a strict diet, it's not scary. On the plus side after delivery I was 10 lbs. lighter than before pregnancy. ;D I do hope your BP is down today! Thinking of you. -- Bee from Hard Boiled