Sunday, August 30, 2009

I was reconized :)

For the most part everyone I know knows that I am pregnant except for my students and most of their parents. I am very excited to share my news with them also but I am trying to avoid my students rubbing and talking to my belly as long as possible. This is more for me, since I have become pregnant I am a little more protective over my personal space.

Last week while I was walking outside to my after school duty one of my students parents comes up to me. This isn't abnormal because I talk with some of them on a daily basis. She pulls me aside and says, "Mrs. Q are you pregnant?"

I know I got a huge smile on my face and answered, "Yes, but don't tell the kids."

She answers, "I thought something was different."

This wasn't the first time someone reconized something was different. I also had another parent ask me why I was limping...LOL. That was a hard one because I have an old injury and I guess since I am walking funny since I am pregnant. I already have the pregnant shuffling and waddling down and my limp is a little bit more obvious. I played it off, I think? I am sure I will have to explain myself later ;)

By no means am I trying to hide my pregnancy but I am just not confirming until I am asked.
When the time finally comes how do I tell them or should I just let them figure it out on their own? Any suggestions for the teacher?


  1. I have very little advice, because I'm struggling with how to let my staff and students know, as well. I think once the staff knows I might just let the information spread naturally. It's a little weird to just suddenly blurt out that you're pregnant. I didn't have a probably with it during the first week after we found out, but now I find it awkward.

    My younger cousins go to the school where I teach and they know I'm pregnant, so it might just happen through them. Who knows.

  2. Hi Susan, I found your blog through google alerts. I'm a DE mom to an almost 8 month old boy. Just wanted to comment and say hi as I am always interested in connecting with other DE moms/moms-to-be.

    Congrats on your pregnancy!