Friday, April 8, 2011

Picture Day 3/30 to 4/8

3/30 I love to walk.

3/31 Up I go.

4/1 DOG!

4/2 Sweetest face.

4/3 Hangin with my Auntie


4/5 The eyes of the future

4/6 First Love

4/7 Geez Mama why so many pictures (I wanted him to lay down so I could get a pic of how cute he looks when he lays down to go to sleep.  He wasn't happy that I put in his crib before he got his night night nurse)

4/8 Brushing my pearly whites.


  1. such a cute boy you have :) Love the daily pictures

  2. First of all your son is just darling darling darling. I want to just smooch those cheeks. Secondly, I relate to you regarding your comments and thoughts about genetics. Granted it's been 11 years for me, so lots of water has passed under my bridge but I can remember those thoughts.

    The good news is that your son is going to pick up your traits and mannerisms. It's inevitable, you are his mom and he's around you the most. My child has my laugh, my hand gestures, uses my body language. He may physically resemble his father, but he's his mother's son through and through just as I am sure your son is.

    Hang in there, you are an amazing mother and by your readings an amazing human being:)