Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas and 10 months

I know I am a little late on the holiday post but better late then never. If it makes your feel better sent of the rest of our Christmas cards today. Yes, they are late but hey I sent them.

Just the other day I was talking with a dear friend who is still in the throws of IF. She wasn't looking forward to the holidays. She just had a m/c and the next steps in her infertility journey were daunting. As she told me how she
was feeling I was having flash back to Christmas 2008. We were visiting family. My great escape was the "Twilight" books. I don't think I would have survived otherwise. As I have said before my in-laws are great but my family doesn't understand IF. I guess being "Fertile Mertiles" is why they don't. They never had to try they always just got pregnant. I remember being surrounded and all my family talked about was babies. My sister just had my nephew a month ago and my SIL had 1 year old twins (natural). I was in fertility hell. To top it off we were gearing up for our last IVF with my eggs.

When you are in the throws of IF you don't realize how your life can or will change. All you can think about is the moment you are in. For me 2 years ago it was fertility hell and this year heaven. Wow!

We had a great first Christmas, minus me being sick most of it. It wasn't perfect but it was what it was. What was perfect was we bought Ant his Christmas ornament with his name and birth date on it. While we doing our Christmas shopping we came across it and had to have it. Glad we did! While we were in the process of purchasing and getting it engraved I got teary-eyed. I never thought I would cry over something so small but this ornament symbolized to me the family we had finally created.

Can you believe it?!? Ant is 10months!!! When did that happen?

Weight: Don't know I will tell you tomorrow. My guess is 19lbs+
Eating: We have a big boy! Yesterday he had spaghetti with meat sauce. He will eat almost anything I give him. I tried giving him a step 3 baby food the other day and he just spit out the chunks...LOL. It was really hard not to laugh, well never mind I did laugh. It doesn't makes sense because he eats solids but doesn't like solid chunks in his puree.
New Tricks: Crusing!! We will have a walker soon!! He will crusie all around the house.
Favorite Toy: Fisher Price Laugh and Learn was his Christmas present from us. Best toy EVER!!!
Sleep: Naps are great! He seems to be dropping his morning nap sometimes but when he does he takes 1 long nap. Night sleep is a different story. He sleeps about 12hrs at night but he wakes up 2 times (midnight and 4am). I think he is reverse cycling since he doesn't have a lot of milk at daycare. I am ok with the 2 night feedings but on those rare night he wakes up 3 times...UGH!!! What happened to the baby that I had to wake up in the middle of the night to eat.

(It snowed on Christmas day and I put Ant in his snow suit so we could have a picture. He was not pleased)

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