Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ant 7 Months

Age: 7months
Weight: 15lbs 10oz
Eating: Nursing when I am home and loves solid foods. You put it in front of him and he will eat it or want to eat it.
New Tricks: Rolling all over the room. He is also turning and scooting all over.
Talking: Maaama and Haaaay. He really gots the AAAA sound down.
Favorite Toy: He isn't pick just as long as he can put it in his mouth. If he can chew it he likes it.
Sleep: Ant continues to be a great sleeper. At night he goes down around 9pm and sleeps till about 7am. No he isn't sleeping straight through the night. He isn't suppose to because he is breastfed. We get up about 3am for a dream feed. Naps are going great we have 1 long nap and 2 short naps.

At time I wonder if it can get better then this and as soon as I think it can't Ant does something new. Right now he is sooo close to crawling.

Daycare is going great. He is well fed and taken care of. I am still heartbroken that I can't be home with him but you have to do what is best for your family. I don't mind working but I would rather spend my days chasing Ant.

This next month is going to be a hard one. DH is going to be gone, so I will be a single mom for a MONTH!!!

The pictures were taken just about 2 weeks ago. Getting portraits done with a baby are hard. You have to schedule it during a time when you think they are going to be happy and awake. Sometimes that is easier said then done. Anyways I hope you enjoy them. I know I enjoy looking at them.

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  1. Adorable pictures. Ant is so cute. I love the black and white picture.