Sunday, February 21, 2010

9 days

We are in the home stretch and Ant will be here before we know it. This has actually been a great weekend. My youngest sister has been here visiting me. We got some great one on one time. Also this weekend we finally got to have the shower that was canceled at the end of January due to snow. It was great to celebrate with friends and I am so glad they were there.

With my induction being 9 days away (unless Ant decides to come earlier), for the most part I am feeling prepared. After talking with my friends who have already had their babies I know we have everything necessary to survive the first few days with Ant. If we are missing a few things, I will just send DH to get them after we are home.

The funniest thing about this weekend is I have had to do a 24hr urine coCheck Spellingllection. Not to terrible just annoying because I had to carry my jug of urine with me to my shower. Also, I had my friend make room for it in her fridge because it has to stay cool. Now I just hope I remember tonight but in my pregnant daze I might forget to collect. I just can't believe I have pee in my fridge...LOL.

My goal this week is to blog daily. For my DE friends, the fact that he isn't genetically related to me is the farthest thing from my mind. I am just so excited to finally meet my son and get to know him.


  1. WOW! 9 days! That's awesome! I'm excited for you!

  2. CanNOT believe you are so close! Exciting!