Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I'm not fat, I'm Pregnant

I am sure most first time moms to be have this issue but it is really starting to get to me now. I am not fat, I am pregnant! Is it people just trying to be nice by not saying anything?

Yesterday, I was at one of my yearly music teacher meeting. Usually they bore me to tears but this one wasn't so bad. We were working on vertical team stuff (other music teacher in my feeder) and one of the teacher says, "Susan, what's the rush?"

"Ummm, I am due in March."

Then she gave me a long weird look. Are people really that oblivious to pregnant or just want to ignore it? I know we are all taught that it is rude to ask someone if they are pregnant but I was never this fat and to me obviously all the extra weight in in my chest and belly. What could it be?

What this all boils down to is I can't wait till I am obviously pregnant. I have waited 3 years for these moments and at 25 weeks people still can't tell. I guess that is another myth about pregnancy is that you are instantly showing and everyone can tell. I really knew that I wouldn't show right away but I didn't know it would take this long.

Here is me at 11 weeks.

And here I am at 24 weeks, is it obvious yet?

Also, I went to the OB yesterday and it was the first time she measured my uterus. If I remember correctly you are suppose to measure an inch for each month pregnant you are. Well, I am currently 25 weeks and I measured 27 almost 28 inches. So, pregnancy wise I am not measuring small....hmm. Either I guess I just have a lot of room for Ant to hide in there because it looks like he is going to be a BIG boy.

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